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Social Media strategy

Boost Your Social Media Engagement

Any other businesses have their way of advertising their goods and services. This does not just to get a good ROI, but more often than not they are created to reach potential clients, branding of the product or service and even building loyalty to customers.

With the technology era, and constant innovation, strategies are not limited to print ads, commercial and the like, here comes social media strategy which uses word-of-mouth marketing in its implied sense. Since social media is a platform accessible to anyone who has internet access, more often than not, potential clients and customers have at least one of them. Gaining attention thru social media sites will give a significant impact on a business whether it’s a small one or high end.

Social media strategy is a cost-effective method than any traditional form of advertising. This is the reason why most of the companies are using this method.

Using social media as strategy there is information that you need not miss. Here’s how to get you started.

1. Determine your Business Goals

What do you want to use social media for? Is it awareness? Sales? Retention of customers? How do you want to use social media to help your business? Goals must be set first before anything else. It would be better if your intentions are SMART. It should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. By being specific means, it should clearly be defined. A particular goal can answer the 5 W’s questions like who, what, where, when and why. Goals must be measurable so that you will be able to gauge if you are hitting your target or not. Attainable goals are realistic. You can set challenging goals, but you have to make sure it’s doable. There is nothing more frustrating than setting up a goal that is impossible to achieve because it is too ambitious. Goals have to be relevant. It ensures that the actions you will do to make your target will not be a waste of your time and efforts since it is appropriate with any other goals that you have established. The timely goal includes a time frame. This serves as your deadline. By setting a date, yes you will be under pressure, but you can indeed verify that you’ve met your goal or not.

2. Analyze Your Audience

Knowing your audience will give you the right direction and will let you know which media is perfect to use. Amongst all media sites, you have to know which of them they are using most often. Be where your customers are and focus intensely on that platform. You have to understand your audience point of view, activities, influence, and the like. By doing so, it will be easier to engage with them and get the results.

3. Research the Platform

It is pretty tempting to have all social media platforms to get more potential clients. However, for small businesses, it is advisable to focus on several platforms that your audience is using and also matches the services/ goods you’re offering. Statistics wise, most people are using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Facebook “liking” system can be advantageous to make a product or service popular. Liking it implies the emotional feeling which means you’re more likely to recommend it. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is being used by many businesses to connect, interact, and network with other professionals or businesses. One good thing about it is you are building authority for your business by setting up your profile. Twitter allows you to tweet your messages, retweet your posts that’s relevant to your business. By following others and vice versa, your tweets will be automatically shown to them. This will spread your message and is beneficial to promote your goods/services. , and this platform appeals to ages 18-29. This serves variety for the usual text content in improving services. Pinterest, on the other hand, supports boards that help small businesses. It allows you to “pin” images, videos and others thru Pinboards. Another platform is Google+. It is using the 1+ button to recommend sites allowing your business to be shared or spread across the world wide web. If you are fond of sharing videos, YouTube will let it go viral where users can like and share the video you posted.

4. Go Deep With Your Content

How will your business appeal to your audience? Since social media is about sharing, your content should be client oriented; it should not sound like little advertising. Going deep with your content is more about educating them about advantages, features, and benefits of your product. You also have to consider that there are people who appreciate the text and some want images, so the variety of content is also an essential factor. It is also pretty strategic if you post on a regular schedule than on a random basis to keep followers and improve the visibility of your posts. You may also want to take note of the topics you wanted to cover to make sure you will not be missing anything.

5. Build and Maintain Online Influence

Your online influence should stand by building a personalized yet authoritative profile. Make it more interesting without risking your profile’s professional status. Maintaining your authority through the net is a lot harder than building it. Participation is the key to build a reputation and unending fan base. Moreover, since you are using social media, it’s like hitting two birds with a stone; you engage with people at the same time you’re using it for strategic marketing.

6. Measure Your Results

You have to determine if using social media makes a difference or not. There will be tools to use to measure your result depending on the platform you used. This will evaluate social media effectiveness. The metrics that you wanted to track should also answer the goal you have established. This may mean more likes, shares, comments or even increase your ROI. Let us not forget that social media is mostly an investment of time. Most companies hire a social media manager to get through this daily routine of being engaged in several platforms. However, most small businesses are on a limited budget and time, social media management might be a difficult task for a company, so this is where Social Marketing Services comes in. It’s one strategy to promote the goods/services with the help of a company or a third party specializing this. Their reputation and experience add up to easily target your marketing goals. This is beneficial if you are starting from scratch. Included in the service they’re providing are assessing your needs, and prescribing specific actions for your long-term media success. Sounds great, right? Since they are experienced already, guarantee that best practices will be shared too! The itemized strategies mentioned above are included on top of other techniques proven to be effective over time. Services that are offered include social media marketing, online reputation management, and content creation, SEO, among others.

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