A Few Tips for Increasing Social Media Engagement!

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Social Media Engagement

Boost Your Social Media Engagement

Do you want to drive more traffic to your website? Don`t feel special, everyone does! Sorry to burst your bubble but the number of posts no longer increases your click-through rates. So, it’s time for you to grow up. The term “Click Through” is defined as the following a link to the website.

When it comes to social media, its better known as Clicking links shared on social networks, It is essential as it signifies your audience`s response to your content. To make the most out of it, you need to act on the following guidelines.

Five Essential Social Media Engagement Tactics You Can Plan In Advance

1. Give People a Reason to Click

Your every post or update should only be created to improve your connections with people who you are engaging with your articles. Don`t worry about growing your business, focus on improving your contact with your clients, followers, fans and, etc. make them happy, and your business will increase automatically. Develop your relation by sharing useful or informative content that will solve your audience`s problems. People will only buy from you if they like it. Otherwise, they won`t bother you no matter how convincing your presentation is. Don`t provide content, provide solutions, facts, tips, and information that matters.

2. Hashtags are important

Hashtags help you to drive more traffic. Use different tags across all social networks and see how it expands your approach. If you use these right, you can double your traffic. Never use the same hashtags on all social networks, make them slightly different. Use relevant Hashtags but keep in mind, they won`t help you instantly. With the passage of time, you will see the increase in your click-through.

3. Be Straight Forward

There is an ideal length of your status updates, but it varies from one network to another. Take Twitter, for example, and the characters are limited here. When it comes to Facebook, you can write paragraphs after paragraphs without a hitch. The key to success in increasing your click-through is specificity. Be concise and make yourself clear. Don`t fall for the numbers game; Short updates attract the most clicks so summarize your status or updates.

4. Prioritize Different Social Networks

I will be honest here; there is no shortcut to social marketing success. You have to learn, experience and experiment. Don`t overwhelm your following by posting too often. Keep it simple by seeing the value of your post on each social network. Don`t do more than once per hour on Twitter. You need to post only once per day on LinkedIn; It may be a surprise but posting only once a day on Facebook increases your click through better than anything else.

5. Focus on Visual content

Nothing is more informative than written web content, but meanwhile, you provide your following useful insights. Make sure you don`t bore them to death! Now don`t just add visuals to entertain your readers, instead leverage from this and make your graphical content informative. Use infographics to help your reader understand better. Add images to your posts, and you can increase your click through rate up to 18%.