Google Remarketing: How Does It Work?

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Google Remarketing

Marketing is an essential facet of any organization. Without a marketing team, it is almost impossible for a business to achieve its sales target. Marketing teams have several strategies that they employ to win the hearts of the customers. While most strategies are geared towards gaining new customers and driving new traffic or audience to your site, there is one that works a bit different: Google Remarketing.

Google Remarketing is an online marketing strategy that looks to direct ads to visitors who have already visited a site. The advantage of this strategy is that it will dramatically improve your conversions and increase your ROI.

How does it work?

1. Add a Google remarketing code

As aforementioned, remarketing is done by sites that have previously used PPC advertising or any other form of advertising on Google. If you have already advertised on Google, the only thing you are left to do is add a Google remarketing code to your website. It is often referred to as a pixel or tag. Once that is done, your visitors will be included in your remarketing audience. How? It is simple; they are added through the browser cookies.

2. Customize the codes

For a more targeted approach, you can customize the code for the different pages in your site to work with specific categories. For instance, if your site has men’s, women’s and kid’s clothing categories, you will be able to create a kid’s clothing category to target people who have visited the kid’s clothing page.

3. Google ads will be shown to previous visitors

Now, this is the real meat of the event. Once you add a tag for Google Remarketing to your website and customize the code, then you should be prepared to start reaping the fruits. As your previous visitors browse on Google, they will start seeing your ads. It is, however, essential that as you start your Google remarketing campaign, you send ads to your general audience. Well, this may not take that much of a targeted approach, and it might cost you more. This is because you will be dealing with more people.

Once you are done with the general audience, you can now start narrowing down. At this point, remarketing will be more targeted, and it will actually cost you less. As time goes by, you can begin targeting customers who have already bout from you.

What is the advantage of Google Remarketing?

You must be asking yourself why you need to take on this online marketing strategy. It comes with several benefits. One of them is that it keeps you connected with your audience even after an encounter with your website. It is also an effective strategy to remain in the minds of your audience. If you manage to stick in their minds, you will be the first brand they will think about if they want a similar product to what you offer.

By showing Google ads to the visitors as they browse on the search engines, you are also increasing the exposure of your brand and creating some element of trust.