Advantages of PPC Advertising for Business

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PPC Advertising for Business

PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, sometimes called search marketing and paid search advertising, is an online marketing tactic whereby ads pointing towards your site are placed on different websites, and you only pay when someone clicks on them. There are several reasons why every small business should invest in a PPC campaign.

Targeted traffic

The most significant benefit of PPC advertising is the fact that it brings you targeted website traffic. The ads you bid for are specific, and only the demographic you are targeting will be reached, meaning effective utilization of your advertising dollars. You can schedule PPC ads to run when they are most likely to bring you qualified customers/clients in a specific geographic region. Only those who are interested in what the ad is offering will click on it. When it comes to Internet traffic, quality always beats quantity.

Great reach

The ads you bid for will be placed on different websites. The Internet has neither geographic nor national borders, meaning you will reach very many people. The exposure and the fact that the size of your company does not determine the keywords you get helps you effectively compete with larger competitors.


PPC is unlike search engine optimization (SEO) and several other online marketing tactics in that it can be quickly launched. Once you have successfully bid for a keyword ad, it will be posted immediately, and you will begin getting targeted traffic to your site.

Testing capabilities

Several available tools help you determine if the keywords you want to bid for are likely to be effective. This is important in that it ensures you do not waste time and money on keywords that are unlikely to give you the desired results. Landing page A/B testing is important in that it allows you to determine the page that is most likely to provide you with a high conversion rate.

Greater ROI

PPC advertising involves analyzing keywords and only bidding on those that are likely to bring you a targeted market. The analysis is necessary because it means you will do away with keywords that are unlikely to be effective. This means a greater return on investment (ROI). The cost of PPC ads is a fraction of the likes of TV ads and newspaper classified ads, and even startup businesses can afford them.

Brand Awareness

PPC is an excellent online marketing tactic because the results you get are measurable (through the use of such tools as Google Analytics). This is important because you can then customize the campaign for maximum ROI. You get real-time trackability with PPC. This helps you take action that ensures that you maximize your ads.


With continuous exposure to your target market to your brand (remarketing), there is a high likelihood of return customers and enhanced customer loyalty. PPC allows you to market to users who have previously interacted with you for remarketing. PPC is essential because you will get increased brand awareness (even those who do not click on your ads will know about your PPC campaign).